About CAD Collective

Who are we?

CAD Collective is based in the heart of Somerset in the West Country. It was formed in September 2017 to provide all companies (both public and private) with an outsourcing service for CAD issues that they may have.


After looking at the industry as a whole we have surmised that there is plenty of opportunity for change and consistency in the CAD market. All of this starts at the very first stage of any project; because if you focus a little time getting things right in the early stages, it makes it easier going forward.


We understand that in all versions of every business/company/council has standards to which they work; every CAD Technician has a different approach, with each technician providing a unique technical insight to each drawing.

We want to offer a quality, efficient and savings as a part of our service. As a Collective, we should be striving to ensure that people can understand and interpret any drawings that have been produced anywhere else to amend this.

We feel that the secret to successful working relationships, most importantly for repeat business and client referrals, is to be as professional and flexible as possible to meet the ever-demanding project time-constraints and budgets.

Why US?

Experience and Knowledge


With our combined level of experience, we understand how important your work is. With our knowledge, we will offer you a professional service, with a personal touch for all levels of business. 

The Vision

We are passionate about CAD and making it better for everyone. We want to be respected throughout the UK as a company who provides the best service and CAD solutions possible.

Our Mission

 To deliver CAD solutions to our Customers, allowing them to deliver better projects that benefit each individual from the ground up. 

  • To provide a professional and reliable CAD service.
  • To provide a professional working relationship with all clients, aiming to ensure successful end results for all.
  • To provide a co-ordinated CAD service that will provide attention to detail, working around your timescales and finances.
  • To establish CAD Collective as a key resource in supporting you and your CAD requirements.
  • To uphold our commitments to the customer, ensuring this is a key to business delivery.

  1. In line with our strategy; to provide high quality, clear and accurate drawings.
  2. A reliable service, based on the customers’ timescales.
  3. Clear communication and support throughout the contract of the CAD service, based on our customer and output focus.
  4. Economical and realistic pricing; this is based on current market rates and our commitment to offer competitive CAD provisions.
  5. Personal interface to enhance the end product drawings.
  6. Satisfaction with your CAD Collective experience.

Our values are part of everything that we do. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within communities and with each other.

  • Ethics and Integrity – This is the core of every business relationship. We are committed to the highest standards, ethics, integrity and transparency.
  • Quality – We are dedicated to offering a Quality Service, with Customers and communication.
  • Customer Focus – The Customer has to be at the centre of everything that we do and offer. Without the Customer we have no business. We are driven by our mission, which in turn means that we look to build long term relationships. We value all Customers equally. From a small to a national business, each client is equally important to us.
  • Excellence – This is the force that drives us. The aim is to improve not only your processes, but ours as well. This will allow a technological and innovative solution to all of our customers. We strive to improve by offering the best service that we can at affordable prices.
  • Our Approach – This ranges from Local Solutions to National Solutions. This allows the Company to understand the specific needs of all our Customers.
  • Sustainability – We are always committed to developing and offering Environmentally Friendly, Green and Sustainable Engineering Solutions