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All staff have varied experience, from full time, part time, contracting and freelance work; we therefore understand and have covered all areas of the engineering and infrastructure business.

CAD Collective have experience of working on many schemes in the Public Sector, from small construction projects (worth £5k-200k) to designing multi-million pound projects (£10m+).

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We have staff who have experience in the public and private sector of highway designing, civil engineering and CAD management.

We are just starting our journey in the CAM world, keep us in mind!

We can offer any solution to fit your needs; whether you need a freelance or contract service, we will help you with all of your CAD needs.

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CAD Collective also offers further help on this site. This will allow access to the useful guides and tips for using CAD (which will have its first entry late 2018/early 2019), as well as information on Industry Standard Software.

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Progression Airbags

CAD Collective was recently approached to help out an Industry Leading Company (Progression Airbags) in designing a dryslope using the latest 3D design software.

We took this on as a challenge and it was. But non the less it was an interesting and fun project to work on and learn new techniques from.

There was an initial site survey which allowed us to work on a base ground model. From this ground model we were then able to locate the base location of the slope.

After working on the base Survey we worked out the initial slope location and angles, which in turn allowed us to work out slopes and earthwork's (cut and fill volumes) which allowed the client to see what effect it would have on their site.

We produced long sections and cross sections to again show the client what the scheme would look like.

We would like to thank Progression Airbags for the opportunity to learn and help with an interesting project. Please follow these guys as they take on Dryslopes all over the Americas and Europe.

Progression Airbags

If you want to contact Progression Airbags for any of your DrySlope needs, follow the link below.

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