Other Services

2D CAD Services

2D CAD drafting will always be a necessity in the Civils and all Engineering service areas; at CAD Collective we look to offer the best for you. A vital part of your business is a vital part of ours.


We will aim to generate any 2D drawing that you request, from concept designs to as-built drawings, all to the relevant standards. All Highways drawings will be based on the MCHW, DMRB, MfS or any other standards that are required.

3D CAD Services

The 3D design can now help you with presentation of projects, so the end point user can see what will be built. The most important part of 3D design is to accurately develop and cost a design more efficiently. With a 3D design, schemes can be coordinated more efficiently ensuring that clashes between services, structures, drainage etc can be analysed and detected at a far earlier stage.


Using the latest software packages, we can provide 3D ground models, design models, cross sections and long sections as you require.

(Please note that a 3D survey will need to be provided for use).

Conversion/Updating existing CAD files

We can convert most older drawings from any format (whether it be in paper or older CAD packages) to the latest 2D/3D CAD packages. This will allow for the creation of CAD databases as per requirements.

 Your existing CAD drawings will be imported into the latest software and converted to the version that suits you best .

2D to 3D

Convert a 2D plan into 3D; for this, there will be a requirement for a survey or 3D levels. After this has been supplied, a 3D drawing will be possible.


At CAD Collective we have found that unless a PDF is directly created using a CAD package, PDF to CAD converters offer a varying level of success. We import a PDF into CAD that can be traced.

JPEG/Images/Sketches to CAD

Similar to the PDF to CAD, we find the best way is to import a JPEG/Image into CAD that can be traced.